Panngemet Tile Clip

     - The safe and easy way to secure tiles

     - Replaces nails and screws

     - For single-S and double-S tiles

Panngemet Tile Clip is the new way to secure roofing tiles.

The clip is manufactured in stainless steel and

is secured by the batten without any use of tools.

The construction of the Tile Clip results in a safe and easy

way to mount tiles. The Tile Clip is a less time consuming

method of securing tiles and can easily be disassembled and

used again in case of roof framework or repair.

Panngemet Tile Clip is a

European patented invention manufactured in Sweden.

It is tested by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, according to

SS-EN 14437:2004

Asplyckevägen 12

417 29 Göteborg